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Each summer, the Oakland County Animal Control Division conducts a census to ensure compliance with the Michigan State Dog Law of 1919 that requires all dogs four months of age and older have a license. Licensing is an important public safety issue as it ensures that the dogs residing in your community have current rabies vaccinations.


People may usually purchase a dog license from staff at their local city hall, from many veterinary offices, at our location 1200 N Telegraph Rd Bldg. 42E, Pontiac (either in person or via mail), or online at  From January 1st until June 1st, the price for a dog license is $15.00 for a dog that has been spayed/neutered and $25.00 for a dog that has not been spayed/neutered.  Senior Citizens age 65 and up can purchase a dog license for $14.00 (dog spayed or neutered) or $23.00 (dog not spayed or neutered) .


However, beginning June 2nd, people who have not purchased a current year dog license are considered delinquent. After June 1st, all dog licenses cost $40.00. The Oakland County Board of Commissioners set these fees.


Many people claim to be unaware that a dog license is required for their pets.  Please help us help your residents by making them aware of the law and the license fees. You can help us help your residents by publishing this information on your city web page, on your local cable channel, in any mailings you send to your residents (tax bills, water bills), posters at your city hall, or flyers on your desks.


Additionally, many people who are cited complain that the census should be done BEFORE the June 2nd date when license fees increase. Our census team is usually comprised of college students who are not available before that date. We rely on YOU to help us get the word out to your residents. We are focused on our county residents safety and want all dogs in Oakland County to be licensed . PLEASE HELP US HELP YOUR RESIDENTS AVOID THE ADDITIONAL FEES BY MAKING THEM AWARE  NOW THAT THEY SHOULD PURCHASE A LICENSE FOR THEIR DOG.


On June 2nd, Oakland County Animal Control Census Team workers will begin going door to door in various communities in an attempt to bring the public into compliance with the State Law.  Residents found to have dogs that are not licensed will be issued Delinquent Notices by our census team workers and given a period of time to comply with the Jaw. Afterwards, an Oakland County Animal Control Officer will issue citations that will require a court appearance to your residents who do not purchase licenses after being advised to do so.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this public safety issue.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,



'Bob Gatt

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